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15 December 2006

The miracle Viagra pill designed to cure sexual deficiencies met by millions of men has made the headlines throughout the world. However, beside helping people it can sometimes kill.
Marion Van Renterghem noted in the French daily le Monde that the U.S pentagon has voted a US $ 50 million budget equivalent to the purchase of two Harrier combat aircraft and to 45 Tomahawk cruising missiles to supply Viagra to the armed forces and veterans !
For Artcult, this allocation seems to indicate that a hard-on thus seems vital for troops while former republican party leader Bob Dole confessed he had tried the miracle pill and found it great.

Now, Viagra is a star on the Internet with hundreds of thousands requests registered on the Web every months, a proof that half of the world seems to have been affected by impotence. The problem is that this pill is only designed to give some effective erection to those who cannot not satisfy their sexual partners. For the rest we are still waiting for some magic medication aimed at making people more intelligent and more sensible…
Viagra is nothing but a drug and its highly-advertised use might eventually lead to a war between those who take it and those who don't. The world of Sports has already been confronted to the problem of drugs notably regarding athletes, football players, cyclists, rugby and soccer players and so on.
Champions are no longer "clean" so may be Viagra users who are about to drive so many women crazy.
Those who won't bulge to the need of taking Viagra may well face problems with their wives will cuckold them or will eventually divorce them to such an extent that the entire planet will be plunged in some kind of sexual turmoil.

Those who are addicted to Viagra due to erectile dysfunction (ED) may well take an overdose of pills to feel like supermen. Already, hundreds of women have been complaining about the sexual exploits of their partners and dozens have fled their homes accusing their husbands of being like wild animals or rapists.
There is a certain ritual to follow when ones takes Viagra because the pill gives a hard-on for over 90 minutes. If one swallows it at a time he is not dating a woman he would remain helpless. Thus, one needs a female companion and has to go through some compulsory preliminaries such as going to the cinema or to dinner and take the pill one hour before having sexual intercourse with her.

Viagra is still a "winner" in pharmacies, well ahead of Prozac or the contraceptive pill. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration on March 27th 1998 and commercialised the following month, the blue pill invented by the Pfizer laboratories has already been sold to 4 millions Americans will sales reaching US $ 411 million by June 26th.

The entire country found itself massively impotent as some 20 million people, plus another 10 million affected with temporary disorders, are suffering from ED. This means that over 20% of the male population have to resort to Viagra which is in fact more the expression of a fantasy than a real need since most Americans do not have frequent sexual relations. Even those who don't need Viagra come to ask for a prescription as if the pill was utterly necessary for them like those who ask for a gun knowing they would never use it.
Viagra may be a remedy but above all its is a medicine used against impotence. Still many men buy it for the purpose of feeling better. Nevertheless Viagra now means virility whatever its concept and its excessive price (Between US $ 8 to 10) has not been a barrier to its tremendous success.

In reality Viagra has been socially classified in the list of cosmetics like those remedies designed to halt baldness, skin-cleansing products or diet pills meaning that some obsession can lead to illness.
Any man can therefore be concerned about the performance of his penis until the day he feels his capacities are in danger.
So he will go for Viagra well before the day he will have some erection problem.

So far, 85% of users are aged over 50 but the trend may well turn as those who lie about their deficiencies are more and more in numbers these days. So Viagra is increasingly used as an aphrodisiac by those aged between 40 and 50 and so far it has proved to be the best product in comparison with so many old remedies.
The problem is to be sure to have a partner when taking the pill and the story goes about this man who comes home and does not find his wife. He calls his doctor in a state of panic and is told to have sex with the cleaning woman instead. "Doctor, the fact is that I have never any problem with her," answers the man.
It remains that Viagra only works when one is about to have sex with a woman and an overdose of pills will have no effect without her presence. In addition, its placebo effect can last an entire day and even more meaning that some men can feel better sexually after simply buying the pill and not taking it. That's where lies the miracle!

There are however some failures with Viagra which is nevertheless effective for about 80% of users but for certain women impotence is regarded as a safeguard for their marriages. Some them were not happy seeing their husbands taking Viagra and being unfaithful afterwards. Others have been complaining that the pill can be in same case reimbursed under the social cover system will the contraceptive pill is not.
Still some women are also trying Viagra and seem quite happy of its effects against frigidity.

It remains that Viagra is far from being safe. It gives headaches, blotches, eyesight problems, dyspepsia and is not compatible with certain medicines. It can also provoke serious troubles to people suffering from heart diseases. Over 100 people have died as a result of taking Viagra in five months though in many cases Viagra could not be firmly held as responsible.

Most people are satisfied with the pill and a few have been disappointed. There is even an active black market for Viagra meaning that illegal heroin, cocain or marijuana dealers have added the pill to their panoply of products.

Finally, Viagra's fate depends largely on the reaction of American Puritanism which with the Monicate affair has been over-obsessed by sexual matters lately. Puritans often talk about sex but get crazy with sexual offenders thus the reason for the campaign against President Clinton. Now if the percentage of rapes in the U.S climbs up then Viagra will be pointed out as the major cause. As long as Viagra will remain in everybody's mind a formidable weapon against the fear of impotence things will be okay but the day people will wake up facing problems such as sex crimes and a spiralling increase in divorces, the fate of society will be at stake as a result of the dark effects of the pill.

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