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Around Jewish Art

Group :
122 entries
List of artists of Jewish extraction who painted Jewish scenes or whose works came to reflect their attachment to their roots.
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Mautner, Paula
Birth - Death : 20th-21st Century
Nationality : Israeli
Maxy, Max Herman
Birth - Death : 1895-1971
Nationality : Rumanian
Maxy worked as a Cubist painter. He produced landscapes, portraits, nudes and some Jewish-related scenes during his career.
Mayer, Peretz
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Austrian
Mayer did three woodcuts in 1939, documenting the attempt of a group of Austrian Jews to reach Palestine by ship. The ship sank and the Jews were interned on the Island of Mauritius. Although nothing else is known about Mayer's life and career, it is presumed that he reached Israel after the war.
Medalia, Shlomo
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Israeli
This painter produced many Jewish scenes in Israel.
Megidon, M.
Birth - Death : Active from the last third of the 20th Century
Nationality : Israeli
Mehalel, Yehouda Yud\" "
Birth - Death : 1925-
Nationality : Egyptian then Israeli
Painter. Mehalel studied art in Haifa and then worked in the artists' village of Ein Hod\". "
Meidner, Ludwig
Birth - Death : 1884-1966
Nationality : German
Meidner studied at the art School in Breslau before moving to Berlin and in 1906, to Paris. He befriended Modigliani and admired the works of Manet, Van Gogh and Cezanne. Returning to Berlin in 1908 he frequented the Cafe des Westerns, participating in the avant-garde life of the city while struggling to make a living. In 1912, together with Jacob Steinhardt and Richard Janthur, he founded the “Die Pathetiker”group, which exhibited works at the Herwarth Walden's “Der Sturm” gallery. Between 1912 and 1916, the year he was drafted into the army, Meidner painted a series of apocalyptic landscapes, which prefigured the destructions of the First World War. Meidner also painted portraits of his friends and embarked on a remarkable series of self-portraits, which would continue to absorb him throughout his career. His early portraits are marked by a highly charged emotionalism, with severely distorted features, reflecting the tormented and convulsive style found in the apocalyptic landscapes. In 1918, Meidner was given his first exhibition at the Paul Cassirer Gallery in Berlin and became a founding member of the “Novembergruppe”. His work in the 1920s included a series of graphics on Jewish themes. With the rise of Nazism Meidner was defamed and banned from painting while 84 of his paintings were seized from German museums. One of his self-portraits was placed in the “Jewish gallery” of the “Degenerate Art” Entartete Kunst
Melamed, Dina
Birth - Death : 1944-
Nationality : French then Israeli
Painter. She immigrated to Israel in 1965.
Melamid, Alexander Danilovich
Birth - Death : 1943-
Nationality : Russian
Melamid studied at the Stroganov Institute of Applied Arts until 1967 and produced works based on a subversive appropriation of the visual language of Communist propaganda and Socialist Realist art. He began to be associated with Vitaly Komar in 1965 and both artists presented installations and conceptual pieces including encoded information relating to Soviet bureaucracy. In 1976, while they were still in Russia, their work was shown at the Ronald Feldman Gallery in New York. After challenging the restrictive exhibition policies of the Soviet government they were expelled from the Youth Section of the Moscow Union of Artists in 1974. Their seven-part photo piece, “Prophet Obadiah” preceded their emigration to Israel, where they erected their impressive “Third Temple”, an aluminium-frame pyramid topped with a red star. Following their arrival in the U.S in 1978, the artists had solo exhibitions at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Brunswick, Maine in 1989 and at the Brooklyn Museum, New York, the following year. They participated in numerous group exhibitions in the U.S and abroad
Birth - Death : Active last third of the 20th Century
Nationality : Israeli
Birth - Death : Active early 14th Century
Nationality : German
Menahem worked as a scribe producing illuminated manuscripts around 1300 in Germany.
Menco, Bert
Birth - Death : 1946-
Nationality : Dutch
Painter and printmaker. Menco notably produced works inspired by his Jewish roots. Born into a family almost entirely exterminated during the Holocaust, he took to drawing at an early age before studying sciences in 1972 in Coventry. While dedicating himself to art, he pursued his studies in the U.S in order to become a neurobiologist and exhibited his works in England, Japan and in the U.S.
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : ?
This unidentified artist painted Jewish scenes during his career.
Mendes, Barbara
Birth - Death : 1948-
Nationality : American
Barbara Mendes, whose great grandfather was the Rabbi of the Spanish and Portuguese Congregation Shearit Israel in New York, was fascinated and inspired by Eastern philosophy as well as African culture and Latin American art. She notably painted murals in a Sephardic synagogue in Los Angeles as well as many works relating to Judaic and Old Testament themes. Her works look like a mixture of Indian and Persian miniatures, Mexican and Tibetan art with a flurry of extremely coloured details on the canvas.
Mendesona-Ovadia, Zinaida
Birth - Death : 1945-
Nationality : Russian then Israeli
Painter. She immigrated to Israel in 1991. Mendesona took part in many exhibitions in Russia and in Israel.
Mendjisky (Medrzycki), Maurice Maurycy
Birth - Death : 1890-1953
Nationality : Polish
Mendjisky showed extraordinary artistic capacities at the age of 7 and first wanted to become a musician. He studied music in Berlin in 1906 and then came to Paris for the first time in 1909. Working in a studio at La Ruche, he exhibited for the first time at the Georges Petit gallery in 1912 and met Auguste Renoir who invited him in 1913 in Cagnes. Mendjisky stayed three years in southern France and returned to Paris, where he met Leopold Zborowski and Kiki de Montparnasse, a famous model with whom he lived during three years. Back again in Cagnes in 1921, he met his future wife Rosette in nearby Saint-Paul-de-Vence. Sensing the dangers of Nazism in 1933, he founded with Paul Signac the “Movement of Intellectuals for Peace”. After seeking refuge in southern France with his family in 1939, Mendjisky became a prominent member of the Resistance movement. His wife was arrested in 1942 while their son Claude was killed by the Nazis 14 days before the town of Nice was freed by Allied troops. Mendjisky notably produced an album of drawings on the atrocities in the Warsaw ghetto.
Mendle, Jossi
Birth - Death : 20th-21st Century
Nationality : Israeli
Mendrea, Dinu
Birth - Death : 1970-
Nationality : Rumanian then Israeli
Born in Bucharest, Dinu Mendrea settled in Israel with his family in 1986. Working as a photographer, one of his favourite theme has been the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. His photographic works have been exhibited in Israel as well as in Frankfurt, Ghent, Copenhagen and Toronto.
Mendrea, Sandu
Birth - Death : 1930-
Nationality : Rumanian then Israeli
Mendrea studied theatre and film directing in Bucharest in 1948 and then worked as a director of documentary films before deciding to become a photographer. He soon became one of Rumania's best-known photographers and took part in some 200 international exhibitions. After winning several major awards, he traveled to Switzerland, Weimar, New York, Leningrad and Prague. Finding that there were no prospects in Rumania, he decided to settle in Israel in 1986 and chose the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem as one of his favourite themes.
Menkes, Zygmunt
Birth - Death : 1896-1986
Nationality : Polish then American
Born in Lwow, Menkes studied art in that city, where he met Alfred Aberdam. Earning his living as a house painter he notably worked as restorer in some Polish churches and then studied at the Academy in Cracow before moving in 1922 to Berlin. He arrived in 1923 in Paris, where he befriended Joachim Weingart, Chagall, Efraim Mandelbaum, Marcel Slodki and Eugene Zak. He then founded the group of “Four” with Alfred Aberdam, Weingart and Leon Weissberg and married Stasia Weiss who was the model of Leopold Gottlieb and Raymond Kanelba. Menkes exhibited his works alternatively in Paris, Lwow, Toronto and New York showing works generally depicting the life and people of the Parisian world around him. His works contributed to make him one of the main painters of the School of Paris. In the 1920s he also painted a number of religious scenes recalling his youth in Poland. Menkes settled in the U.S in 1935 and remained there for the rest of his life living in Riverdale, New York.
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