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Around Jewish Art

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91 entries
Sculptors and medallists
Probably because of a reference in the Bible to Abraham destroying statues of pagan gods, Jewish artists refrained from producing sculptures representing humans until at least the 19th Century. It was only after 1880, when many Jews benefited from the emancipation process in Central and Eastern Europe that they felt inclined to turn to this form of art.Many Jewish artists worked as sculptors during the 19th and 20th Century, some of them became quite famous like Chana Orlov, Jacques Lipchitz, Elie Nadelman or Jacob Epstein among others.
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Schotz, Benno
Birth - Death : 1891-?
Nationality : Latvian then British
Schotz settled in Glasgow in 1912 and studied there at the Academy between 1914 and 1917. He became a member of the Scottish Royal Academy in 1937 and also director of the Glasgow School of Art. Schotz produced busts and nude sculptures during his career.
Schulkin, Abraham
Birth - Death : 19th-20th Century
Nationality : American
Schulkin was a furniture maker. He notably produced in 1899 a carved pine Torah ark for the Adath Jeshurun synagogue of Sioux City, Iowa, now exhibited in the Jewish Museum in New York.
Schwartz, Buky
Birth - Death : 1932-
Nationality : Israeli
Buky Schwartz worked as a sculptor and video artist after studying at the Avni Institute in Tel Aviv and at the Saint Martin's School of Art in London. He became one of the leading sculptors of the “Ten Plus group” and represented Israel at the Venice Biennale in 1966. Buky Schwartz also took part in many exhibitions in Israel.
Schwartz, Eva
Birth - Death : 1900-1974
Nationality : Polish
Sculptor. Eva Schwartz achieved her artistic studies in Frankfurt and settled in Paris in 1926.
Schwartz, Istvan Stefan
Birth - Death : 1851-1924
Nationality : Hungarian
Istvan Schwartz exhibited at the Universal Exhibition in 1889 and 1900 in Paris. He worked as a sculptor and medallist.
Schwartz, Sasha
Birth - Death : Active during the 2nd half of the 20th Century
Nationality : Russian then Israeli
Sculptor. Sasha Schwartz immigrated to Israel in 1973.
Sebba, Sigfried Shalom
Birth - Death : 1897-1975
Nationality : Israeli
Sebba notably created Bauhaus style brass works and metal items for daily use.
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Segal, George
Birth - Death : 1925-
Nationality : American
Segal took an active part in the emergence of “Pop Art” in the U.S after becoming a sculptor in 1962. He produced realistic nudes in plaster with a view to depicting daily life in true environments, couples lying in bed in a bedroom, a gas station attendant standing next to his pump, a man playing a flipper pin-ball game, a man entering a cinema house or a man drinking seated at a table, etc. In 1976, he started to produce bronze works while he received commissions from many public institutions and private groupings. In his works, Segal apparently wanted to show man in his true nudity. One of his works, titled “The Holocaust” is on permanent display at the Jewish Museum in New York.
Segal, Zelig
Birth - Death : 20th-21st Century
Nationality : Israeli
Sculptor and designer of Judaica artifacts.
Segall, Lasar
Birth - Death : 1890-1957
Nationality : Lithuanian then Brazilian
Born in Lithuania, Segall went in 1906 to Berlin, where he was much influenced by Expressionist artists. He studied there with Lovis Corinth at the Academy until 1909 and pursued his studies in Dresden, where he had his own studio. He then traveled to Holland and in 1913 to Sao Paulo, where he had a one-man exhibition. Back in Germany, Segall was detained as a citizen from a hostile country during the First World War and exiled in Meissen. After he was given permission to reside in Dresden he joined the Sezession Gruppe in 1919. Segall settled in Brazil in 1923 and became a leading figure of modern Brazilian painting. This painter who was also much active as a sculptor, exhibited his Expressionist works from 1909 in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the U.S and Brazil. Segall notably produced bronze or marble sculptures.
Sekal, Zbynek
Birth - Death : 1923-
Nationality : Czech
Painter and sculptor. Arrested in 1941, Sekal was detained in the concentration camp of Mathausen. He survived the Holocaust and studied in 1945 under E. Filla and F. Tichy at the School of Decorative Arts in Prague before starting to produce sculptures in 1948 following a stay in Paris. He took part in many exhibitions in Europe and had several one-man shows in Prague, Brno and Vienna between 1961 and 1965. Considered as one of the most important sculptors in Czechoslovakia, Sekal first produced figurative works in associating human forms and plants and then turned his back to reality in 1958, when he made works assembled with steel, scrap metal and waste products.
Selinger, Schlomo
Birth - Death : 1928-
Nationality : Polish then Israeli
Selinger was deported with his father in 1942 to Germany before transiting through several Nazi camps. While his father died within three months, a Soviet Jewish physician saved him from certain death when Theresienstadt was liberated. He then settled in Palestine in 1946 and fought during the war of independence before becoming a sculptor in 1954. Selinger studied art in Paris with Marcel Gimond and was awarded in 1958 the Neumann Prize destined to encourage Jewish artists in Europe. He notably produced a wood sculpted titled “The Musicians in Auschwitz” as well as several works relating the sufferings of the Jewish people during World War Two and later a stone monument in Drancy dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust, who transited in this Paris suburb detention centre before being sent to die in Nazi extermination camps. Selinger was awarded the Memory of the Shoah Prize in 1993.
Sendowski, Moshe
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Israeli
Sendowski has depicted some Jewish themes as a sculptor. Educated in Kvutzat Kineret he later became a founding member of Kibbutz Haon before living in Kiriat Bialik. He exhibited his works in both solo and group exhibitions. His stone, wood, marble and bronze sculptures have had great success. The human figure has been the main subject in Sendowski's works produced in a partially figurative up to abstract style with the woman being a creative power as a symbol of motherhood and fertility
Ser, Hedva
Birth - Death : Active from the last quarter of the 20th Century
Nationality : Israeli
Ser studied painting and sculpture in London and in Paris.
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