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Around Jewish Art

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Sculptors and medallists
Probably because of a reference in the Bible to Abraham destroying statues of pagan gods, Jewish artists refrained from producing sculptures representing humans until at least the 19th Century. It was only after 1880, when many Jews benefited from the emancipation process in Central and Eastern Europe that they felt inclined to turn to this form of art.Many Jewish artists worked as sculptors during the 19th and 20th Century, some of them became quite famous like Chana Orlov, Jacques Lipchitz, Elie Nadelman or Jacob Epstein among others.
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*Lindenfeld, Pola
Birth - Death : 1900-1944?
Nationality : Polish
Sculptor. Lindenfeld died in the Polish ghetto of Lodz during World War Two.
*Lindner, Lena
Birth - Death : ?-?
Nationality : Polish
Lindner produced archaic head sculptures. Lindner presumably disappeared during World War Two.
*Lipschitz, Samuel
Birth - Death : 1880-1943
Nationality : Polish
Samuel Lipschitz produced bronze and ivory statuettes mainly. He was murdered in a Nazi extermination camp during World War Two.
*Lipszyc, Halina
Birth - Death : ?-1941
Nationality : Polish
Sculptor. Lipszyc died in Lwow during World War Two.
*Messer, Zygmunt
Birth - Death : 1885-1941
Nationality : Polish
Sculptor. Messer produced funeral monuments in Poland. Brother of Adolf Messer, he disappeared during World War Two.
*Moszkowki, Ryszard
Birth - Death : 1906-1945
Nationality : Polish
Sculptor. Moszkowski studied at the Technical University in Liege, Belgium, where he was born, and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent between 1936 and 1937 before becoming the pupil of Aristide Maillol and Antoine Bourdelle in Paris. He produced small, attractive idealized heads of girls and women as well as realistic male portraits. Moszkowski died in Warsaw at the end of World War Two.
*Nossig, Alfred
Birth - Death : 1864-1943
Nationality : Polish
Nossig was the son of the secretary of the Jewish community grouping in Lwow. He first studied law, economy, philosophy and medicine at the universities of Lwow, Zurich and Vienna. Also a writer he was considered as a pioneer of Jewish Polish literature. He took part in the World Zionist Congress in Basel in 1897 and 1903. A self-taught sculptor, he exhibited his works for the first time at the Galerie des Champs-Elysees in 1899 in Paris, as well as in Berlin in 1906. His sculptures represented Jewish historical figures such as King Solomon, Judah Maccabee or the Errant Jew. Nossig disappeared during World War Two.
*Orkenyi, Strasser Ivan
Birth - Death : 1911-1944
Nationality : Hungarian
Sculptor. Orkenyi disappeared during World War Two.
*Ostrzega, Abraham
Birth - Death : 1889-1942
Nationality : Polish
Sculptor. Ostrzega disappeared during World War Two.
*Ringel-Keilowa, Julia
Birth - Death : 1902-1943
Nationality : Polish
Ringel-Keilowa first studied philosophy and attended the Art College in Warsaw from 1925 to 1931. She sculpted mostly portraits, often in wood and more rarely in marble. She also produced objects of utility in metal such as cups, cutlery, lamps or candleholders. Ringel-Keilowa died in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War Two.
*Roitman, Felix Ephim
Birth - Death : 1902-1942?
Nationality : Ukrainian
Roitman spent his youth in Kishinew and later studied art in Berlin. He then went in 1925 to Paris, where he frequented the Academy of Decorative Arts. This artist created works made of wood, metal and glass, which he used to paint. He enlisted in the French Army at the outbreak of the Second World War and after France's defeat joined a Resistance unit but was arrested and detained during four months. Roitman was transferred to Drancy and deported in September 1942 to a Nazi extermination camp, where he was murdered.
*Rosenbaum, Abraham
Birth - Death : 1891-1942
Nationality : Polish
Rosenbaum left Warsaw in 1923 for Paris and earned his living retouching photos. He also worked as an engraver on metal and produced pastel works and sculptures as well as some paintings. Arrested by the Vichy police in July 1942, Rosenbaum was detained in Drancy and deported to Auschwitz, where he was murdered.
*Schwanenfeld, Mojzesz
Birth - Death : 1907-1942
Nationality : Polish
Sculptor. Schwanenfeld disappeared during World War Two.
*Schwartz, Raphael
Birth - Death : 1874-1942
Nationality : Ukrainian
Raphael Schwartz arrived in 1892 in Paris and then married a French aristocrat. He produced many portraits of personalities such as Bergson, Rodin, Debussy, Andre Gide or Anatole France and adopted orphans during the First World War. This artist, who also produced sculptures, refused to seek shelter in southern France in 1940 and committed suicide on August 3rd 1942, a few days before the Gestapo came to his house to arrest him.
*Sinaieff-Bernstein, Leopold Semenovitch
Birth - Death : 1867-1944
Nationality : Lithuanian
Sinaieff-Bernstein studied sculpture in 1882 in Paris under Dalou and Rodin and showed busts in several exhibitions there. This artist who was awarded the Legion of Honour in 1903 was deported and murdered in the Auschwitz extermination camp during World War Two.
*Sliwniak, Jozef
Birth - Death : 1899-1942
Nationality : Polish
Sculptor. Sliwniak disappeared during World War Two.
*Slodky or Slodki, Marcel
Birth - Death : 1892-1943
Nationality : Polish
Slodky studied painting in Munich after leaving Lodz at 18 and stayed for a while in Italy. He settled in Paris in 1913, but decided to go to Switzerland at the start of the First World War. He then joined the “Dada” movement headed by Tristan Tzara and worked as a theatre decorator in Berlin during four years after 1919. Back in the French capital in 1923, Slodky exhibited his works many times there and in London, Warsaw and Switzerland. During the Second World War, he sought refuge in a village near Brive-la-Gaillarde and then in the Alpine town of Chambery, which was under Italian occupation. When the Germans invested the area, Slodky lived for a while like a fugitive in the mountains and then tried to hide in the town of Bourg-Saint-Maurice but the Gestapo, tipped off by an informer, arrested Slodky and his wife Macha on December 14th 1943. Both died in the Nazi extermination camp of Auschwitz.
*Szechter, David
Birth - Death : ?-1940-1945
Nationality : Polish
Szechter produced relief works on metal. He exhibited his works with the Jewish artists of the ZTKSP group in 1931 in Poland. Szechter disappeared during World War Two.
*Weissberg, Leon
Birth - Death : 1893-1943
Nationality : Polish
Weissberg went to Vienna and Munich between 1914 and 1918, in Italy and Holland and then to Berlin after meeting Alfred Aberdam and Zygmunt Menkes. Together, they settled in Paris in 1925. Arrested by the Vichy police in Marseilles in February 1943, Weissberg later died in a Nazi extermination camp. Working as a painter mainly, Weissberg produced a few sculptures during his career.
Birth - Death : Active during the first half of the 20th Century
Nationality : Polish
This female artist produced sculptures, which she exhibited between 1919 and 1921 in Poland. Widder notably produced busts, masks and relief works. Her trace was lost after the Second World War.
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