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Around Jewish Art

Group :
205 entries
List of artists of Jewish extraction who painted Jewish scenes or whose works came to reflect their attachment to their roots.
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Schatz Boris, Selman Baruch called Schatz
Birth - Death : 1867-1932
Nationality : Lithuanian
Boris Schatz went to Bulgaria in 1878 and then to Palestine. Above all a sculptor, Schatz, who played an active role from the promotion of sculpture in Bulgaria, also founded in Jerusalem the Bezalel School, the first Fine Art Academy of Palestine, before settling in the U.S. Boris Schatz also was an art critic.
Schatz, Bezalel
Birth - Death : 1912-?
Nationality : Israeli
Painter. Bezalel Schatz was the son of Boris Schatz. He studied art in Paris and in New York and worked as a lyrical abstract painter mixing calligraphy in his paintings.
Schatz, Louise
Birth - Death : 1916-
Nationality : Israeli
Painter. Schatz came to the U.S in 1950. First influenced by Paul Klee, she then turned to abstract painting.
Schatz, Zahara
Birth - Death : Active from the 2nd half of the 20th Century
Nationality : Israeli
Scheich, J.
Birth - Death : Early 20th Century
Nationality : German or Austrian
Scherzelbach, Erwin
Birth - Death : 1926-
Nationality : Polisch then Israeli
Schinasi, Daniel
Birth - Death : 1933-
Nationality : French
Schindler, N.
Birth - Death : Active from the last third of the 20th Century
Nationality : Israeli
Schlesinger, Shmuel
Birth - Death : 1896-1952
Nationality : Polish then Israeli
Born in Poland, Schlesinger showed a talent for painting at a very young age. He studied at the State Art Academy in Nuremberg and then immigrated in 1919 to Palestine. Working in Jaffa he produced decors for the “Friends of the Hebrew Stage” theatre and then lived between 1922 and 1925 in Paris, where he became acquainted with the works of Cezanne, Matisse, Maurice Denis and also with the Jewish artists living there at that time. He notably co-founded the Artist's Village of Ein Hod together with Marcel Janco.
Schneid, Otto
Birth - Death : 1900-?
Nationality : Czech then Israeli
Schneid studied painting in Vienna and Paris and wrote books on Greek, Chinese and Jewish prehistoric arts. From 1936 to 1938 he organised the Jewish Museum in Vilna. He went to Palestine in 1939 and taught art history in Haifa before resuming his career as a painter and sculptor. He produced naive Surrealist works mainly.
Schneider, Lele
Birth - Death : 1962-
Nationality : Colombian then Israeli
Painter. Schneider immigrated to Israel in 1981.
Schonfeld, Etju (Esther)
Birth - Death : 1916-
Nationality : Hungarian
Etju Schonfeld, who was raised in Czechoslovakia, sought refuge in Belgium in 1938. After the German invasion of that country she was arrested in 1941 and deported to the Lodz ghetto and then to Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, where she was freed by British troops in 1945. Schonfeld returned to Belgium and started her artistic career producing works that recalled her ordeals during the war.
Schor, Ilya
Birth - Death : 1904-1961
Nationality : Polish then American
Schor arrived in New York from Galicia in 1941 and earned his reputation in producing detailed Jewish ceremonial objects and jewellery, oil paintings and woodcut illustrations for books.
Schreter (Szreter), Zygmunt
Birth - Death : 1896-1977
Nationality : Polish
Schreter first worked as a textile designer for the factory that his father ran in Poland. He also studied music in Lodz and started to show an interest in painting. He came to Berlin on his way to France in 1914 and notably studied under Lovis Corinth. He remained there until 1933 and then settled in Paris, where he befriended Pougny, Kisling, Soutine, Kremegne, Segal and Kikoine. Earning his living as a musician, he exhibited his post-Impressionist works several times in Paris and also in Brussels and Amsterdam. During the war, Schreter lived in hiding in his studio under the protection of neighbours. A series of retrospective exhibitions of his works were held in many cities, notably Helsinki, New York, Lodz, Jerusalem and Zurich.
Schuldhess, Jorg Shimon Anton
Birth - Death : 1941-
Nationality : Swiss
Schuldhess had Italian Jewish roots but received a Christian education until he decided to convert to Judaism in 1968. He went in 1964 to India and traveled extensively around the world before settling in Israel. He however decided to return to Switzerland in 1983. Considered as a militant artist, Schuldhess showed much concern about the needs and hopes of mankind and produced mystical works regarding the Palestinian situation and the Holocaust filling his canvas with signs and various religious symbols. He exhibited his works from 1968 in England, Venice, Tokyo, Cracow and Juliana and notably took part in an exhibition titled “From Bonnard to Baselitz” in 1992 in Paris.
Schumacher, Joseph
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : French
Schumacher produced a poster titled “Never Forget” based on the theme of the Holocaust.
Schur, Aaron Shaul
Birth - Death : Schur studied painting in Wilno in 1882, in Vienna in 1885 and between 1887 and 1913 in Berlin, where he learned the technique of painting miniatures on ivory. He immigrated to Palestine in 1913 and established in Jerusalem a miniature painting department at the Bezalel Academy, which he notably headed between 1917 and 1918. He exhibited his works in Jerusalem mainly.
Nationality : Russian then Palestinian
Schwager, Valdi
Birth - Death : 1954-
Nationality : Rumanian then Israeli
Schwager immigrated to Israel as a child and attended at 12 the art workshop of the Tel Aviv Museum. He then studied at Bat-Yam art institute and at the Avni Institute in Tel Aviv under Wechsler. Schwager has had several one-man shows in Israel.
Schwalb, Robin
Birth - Death : 1952-
Nationality : American
This artist has been producing silkscreen works based on biblical stories.
Schwartz Dondi
Birth - Death : 1961-
Nationality : Canadian
Photographer and video film-maker.
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