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Around Jewish Art

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Sculptors and medallists
Probably because of a reference in the Bible to Abraham destroying statues of pagan gods, Jewish artists refrained from producing sculptures representing humans until at least the 19th Century. It was only after 1880, when many Jews benefited from the emancipation process in Central and Eastern Europe that they felt inclined to turn to this form of art.Many Jewish artists worked as sculptors during the 19th and 20th Century, some of them became quite famous like Chana Orlov, Jacques Lipchitz, Elie Nadelman or Jacob Epstein among others.
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Ianchelivici or Janchelevici, Edel or Ion
Birth - Death : 1909-
Nationality : Rumanian then Belgian
Ianchelivici came to Belgium in 1926 and studied at the Liege Fine Arts School. He then went to Brussels and became a Belgian citizen in 1950 before working in France. He took part in many exhibitions in Amsterdam, The Hague, Brussels, Tel Aviv, Liege, Paris and in Canada. Several museums acquired some of his works, notably those of Amsterdam, The Hague, Paris, Haifa, Tel Aviv or Brussels. Ianchelivici was much affected by the Holocaust as many of his works tend to demonstrate.
Ilan, Eli
Birth - Death : 1928-
Nationality : Canadian then Israeli
Ilan immigrated to Israel in 1948 after making pre-medical studies in Vancouver. He frequented the Ontario College of Art in 1956 and then criminal identification techniques in Ottawa before serving in the Israeli police between 1959 and 1963. He started to produce sculptures after 1970.
Iltis, Hugo
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Czech
Imenitoff, Nathan
Birth - Death : 1884-1965
Nationality : Latvian or Lithuanian
Imenitoff studied sculpture and drawing at 15 while the whole of his family immigrated to the U.S. He then settled in Paris in 1904 and studied at the School of Beaux-Arts. This artist notably worked for a Belgian architect in the late 1920s and early 1930s and decorated the Belgian pavilion at the Colonial exhibition of 1931 in Paris and the International exhibition of 1935 in Brussels. The Germans destroyed many of his sculptures during the Second World War.
Indenbaum, Leon
Birth - Death : 1892-1983
Nationality : Ukrainian
Indenbaum studied sculpture at the Antokolski School of art in Wilno and in Odessa before going to Paris in 1911. He worked in Montparnasse in a studio close to that occupied by Chagall and also studied under Bourdelle. Indenbaum took part in his first exhibition at the Salon des Independants in 1912 and sold many sculptures to French collector and fashion designer Jacques Doucet. However living in loneliness, he only met success at the end of his career.
Isenstein, Kurt Harald
Birth - Death : 1898-?
Nationality : German
Isenstein studied at the Academy in Berlin and then produced many portrait busts, notably of Albert Einstein. He also made the Heine Monument in Cleveland as well as several Memorial Monuments in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, where he worked. Isenstein created in 1948, the Oslo memorial for the 620 Norwegian Jews who were murdered during the Second World War.
Israel, Hadany
Birth - Death : 1941-
Nationality : Israeli
Hadany Israel studied art at the Avni Institute in Tel Aviv in 1957 and in London between 1965 and 1967 and taught at the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem in 1971. This artist worked on the project of “Les Halles” in Paris four years later and won many prizes in Israel. Hadany represented Israel at the international symposium on “Sculptures in the Open Air” in England in 1983.
Israel, Zvika
Birth - Death : 1954-
Nationality : Israeli
Israeli, Amnon
Birth - Death : Active from the last third of the 20th Century
Nationality : Israeli
Israeli has been producing artistic ceramic works, giving over a feeling of the special Israeli atmosphere. His works have received many prizes and have been exhibited in several Israeli museums as well as in galleries in Stockholm, Tokyo and Kyoto. Israeli has also taught at the Bezalel Academy of Jerusalem.
Iuster, Tuvia
Birth - Death : 1931-
Nationality : Rumanian then Israeli
Iuster first worked as a mechanic and became interested in sculpture while he was a model at the N. Grigurescu Institute of Plastic Arts in Bucharest. He settled in Israel in 1958 and worked in the artists' village of Ein Hod founded by Marcel Janco. He exhibited his works in Europe and in the U.S and had his first solo exhibition at the Katz Gallery in 1961 in Tel Aviv. Inspired by the Bible and Talmudic texts, Iuster produced many monuments in Israel including Janco's tombstone as well as bronze works.
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