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Around Jewish Art

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49 entries
There were also some non-Jewish artists who painted Judaic and Jewish scenes or went to work in Palestine and those who exhibited in Jewish institutions and museums as well as others who have not been identified as being Jewish for sure.
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Zach, Bruno
Birth - Death : Active during the first half of the 20th Century
Nationality : German
Zach produced Art Deco statuettes of female figures during the 1920s and 1930s.
Zack, Irene
Birth - Death : 1918-
Nationality : Russian
Irene Zack was the daughter of Leon Zack. She studied the art of mosaics in Ravenna and worked as a sculptor in Paris from 1956. She notably produced architectural abstract works for several churches.
Zadkine, Ossip
Birth - Death : 1890-1967
Nationality : Russian then French
Zadkine much admired Rodin, but found above all his inspiration in primitive arts. After tackling Cubism between 1921 and 1925, his works evolved towards some form of poetry. Born in Smolensk, after his Jewish father had converted to the Greek Orthodox religion in order to marry his mother, who was of Scottish descent, Zadkine was sent to Sunderland at 16 in order to learn good manners among people of the British society. This gave him the opportunity of frequenting an art school there before going to London. Back in Smolensk in 1907, he returned to London the following year and studied at the Arts and Crafts School while taking the opportunity of visiting the British Museum and nurturing a passion for Greek sculpture. Zadkine then went in 1909 to Paris and studied briefly at the School of Beaux-Arts, where he could not yield to academic discipline. After renting a studio in the rue Rousselet, he met Apollinaire, Archipenko, Picasso, Lipchitz, Survage and Blaise Cendrars in 1912 and veered toward Cubism two years later. After enlisting in the French Foreign Legion during the First World War, Zadkine was wounded and discharged. Zadkine then took French nationality and married in 1920 Valentine Prax, who was working as a painter. He traveled from 1920 throughout Europe and to the U.S, where he sought refuge during the Second World War. Back in Paris in 1945, he taught sculpture to many young artists at La Grande Chaumiere, the School of Beaux-Arts and in his studio rue d'Assas. Zadkine took part in many exhibitions in France and abroad from 1910 and was notably distinguished with the Sculpture Grand Prize at the Venice Biennale in 1950 and the Prize of the City of Paris in 1960. Though he admired Rodin much, he was rather influenced by African art and Cubism in his oeuvre finding his own expression after 1925 when he inverted volumes in order to play with light effects. Zadkine was rather prolific during his career and played a major role in the history of modern sculpture. From 1955 until 1967 he devoted much of his time to engraving after he had exhausted all possible themes with pieces produced in wood, stone, plaster, terracotta, marble, granite and bronze. Zadkine studio was transformed into a museum after his death. Zadkine was acknowledged as a great innovator of Cubist sculpture along with Jacques Lipchitz.
Zago, Santo
Birth - Death : 16th Century
Nationality : Italian
Zago painted some biblical scenes during his career.
Zamboura, Marilena
Birth - Death : 1957-
Nationality : Greek
Marilena Zamboura studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts between 1972 and 1977 and then worked as an abstract painter. She exhibited her works blended violently from 1981 in Athens, Rhodes, Kiel, Groningen, Hull, Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul and Berlin. She took part in an exhibition held by the Jewish Museum of Greece in 2001.
Zamoyski, August
Birth - Death : 1893-1970
Nationality : Polish
Sculptor. Zamoyski produced a bust of the painter Marcoussis.
Zanchi, Antonio
Birth - Death : 1631-1722
Nationality : Italian
Zanchi painted some biblical scenes during his career.
Zanoni, Andrea
Birth - Death : 1669-1719?
Nationality : Italian
Zanoni painted some biblical scenes during his career.
Zarnower, Teresa
Birth - Death : 1895-1960
Nationality : Polish
Zarnower settled in the U.S in 1937. She notably exhibited Constructivist sculpture works at the Der Sturm Gallery in 1923 in Berlin.
Zbrozyna, Barbara
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Polish
Zbrozyna painted some works depicting Jewish scenes in Poland.
Zdanevich, Kyril
Birth - Death : 1892-1970
Nationality : Russian
Zdanevich studied in Tiflis under Sklifasovsky at the School of Painting and Sculpture and at the Academy of Arts in 1911. He then pursued his studies in Paris between 1912 and 1914. Back in Russia, he worked in Tatlin's studio known as “The Tower” and in 1919 headed the “41°” Futurist group, which he had co-founded with his brother Ilya. Zdanevich produced Cubist works with deep colours and also designed decors for theatrical plays.
Zeisel, Eva
Birth - Death : 1906-?
Nationality : Hungarian
Eva Zeisel studied art in Budapest in 1923 and then produced ceramic works. She worked in Berlin in 1931 and between 1932 and 1936 in the USSR, where she designed porcelain and ceramic pieces under the direction of N. Suetin. After she was arrested in 1936 and expelled by the Soviet authorities to Poland she went on to live in the U.S. Zeisel taught at the Pratt Institute and at the School of Design in Rhode Island as well as the Royal College of Art in London.
Zeitlin, Alexander
Birth - Death : 1872-?
Nationality : Russian
Zeitlin studied sculpture under K. von Zimbusch in Vienna and Falguiere in Paris. He exhibited his works in the French capital between 1901 and 1914 and in New York in 1923.
Zelechowski, Kaspar
Birth - Death : 1863-?
Nationality : Polish
Zelechowski painted some works depicting Jewish scenes in Poland.
Zeller, Magnus
Birth - Death : 1888-1972
Nationality : German
Zeller painted some works depicting Jewish scenes.
Zelter, George Joseph
Birth - Death : 1938-
Nationality : French
Zelter painted still lifes, views of Paris and Normandy as well and notably a painting titled “Moses returning from Mount Sinai”. He notably offered a work for an auction sale held on November 28th, 2002, in Paris in favour of the Appel Unifie Juif de France organisation.
Zeromska, Monika
Birth - Death : Active during the 2nd half of the 20th Century
Nationality : Polish
Zeromska painted some works depicting Jewish scenes in Poland.
Zick, Januarius Johann
Birth - Death : 1730-1797
Nationality : German
Januarius Zick painted some biblical scenes during his career.
Zick, Johann
Birth - Death : 1702-1762
Nationality : German
Johann Zick painted some biblical scenes during his career.
Ziegler, Jules Claude
Birth - Death : 1804-1856
Nationality : French
Jules Ziegler painted some biblical scenes during his career.
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