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Around Jewish Art

Group :
154 entries
List of artists of Jewish extraction who painted Jewish scenes or whose works came to reflect their attachment to their roots.
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* ?Cygler, Samuel
Birth - Death : 1898-1943
Nationality : Polish
Painter. Cygler belonged to the “Zwornik” group in Cracow between 1929 and 1939. This artist produced many engravings referring to Jewish life in Poland. The Nazis presumably killed him during World War Two.
* ?Janko, Ernst
Birth - Death : ?- 1943?
Nationality : Rumanian
This artist produced drawings during the pogrom that took place in June 1941 in Jassy, Rumania. No other information was found about Janko's life or career.
* Grunsweigh or Grunzweig, Nathan
Birth - Death : 1880-1943
Nationality : Polish
Grunsweigh settled in Paris before World War One after he had already produced genre paintings and landscapes in Poland. He continued to work in France and also painted some Jewish scenes. Arrested and deported in 1943 he was murdered in a Nazi extermination camp.
* Kitz, Marcin
Birth - Death : 1891-1943
Nationality : Polish
Kitz studied at the Technical University in Lodz and painting at the same time in Cracow between 1919 and 1920. He completed his studies in Berlin, Munich and Vienna and painted frequently genre scenes and landscapes in an Impressionist style. Kitz perished in the Lwow Ghetto during World War Two.
* Welczer-Szwajger, Lucja
Birth - Death : 1910-1942
Nationality : Polish
Welczer-Srwajger worked as a portrait painter and notably depicted a yeshiva boy in one of her paintings of 1932 as well as orthodox Jews in other works. She disappeared during World War Two.
*? Beer, Salomon Fritz
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Czech
Beer produced drawings in the ghetto of Theresienstadt during his detention. He presumably was a victim of the Holocaust.
*? Citron-Milsztajn (Muhlstein), Franciszka
Birth - Death : Active during the first half of the 20th Century
Nationality : Polish
Painter. Citron-Milsztajn worked in Lwow and participated in several exhibitions of Jewish art there between 1919 and 1934. She presumably disappeared during the Second World War.
*? Cytryn, Franciszka
Birth - Death : 1909-?
Nationality : Polish
Franciszka Cytryn studied painting in Warsaw from 1929. She took part in an exhibition in Wilno in 1935 and was presumably killed by the Nazis during World War Two.
*? Mussil, Mieczylaw
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Polish
Mussil was detained in 1941 in the Warsaw Ghetto, where he produced drawings. Nothing is known about the life of this artist who presumably died during World War Two.
*?Chatzman, Boris
Birth - Death : 1896-?
Nationality : Russian
Chatzman was a painter of landscapes, flowers and still lifes. He notably depicted a shtetl in one of his paintings. Chatzman, who presumably disappeared during the Second World War, exhibited his works in Paris between 1926 and 1939.
*?Ciechanowski, Izaak
Birth - Death : 1901-1944?
Nationality : Polish
Ciechanowski studied painting in Warsaw and exhibited his works in 1935 with the Jewish artists belonging to the ZTKSP group in Poland. The Nazis presumably murdered him between 1941 and 1944.
*?Hendel, Natan
Birth - Death : Active during the first half of the 20th Century
Nationality : Polish
Hendel started to exhibit his works in 1926. He also took part in the exhibitions of the ZTKSP group in 1932 and 1933 showing still lifes and portraits. He presumably died during World War Two.
*?Kohn, Henoch
Birth - Death : Active during the 1930s
Nationality : Polish
Painter. This artist, who presumably disappeared during the Second World War, belonged to the “Jung Idysz” group of artists in Poland.
*?Levy-Bloch Rachel
Birth - Death : 1894-?
Nationality : French
Painter. She notably depicted Popular Jewish scenes in Paris. She presumably died during the Second World War.
Birth - Death : ?-1943?
Nationality : Polish
Lewinson produced drawings of the Warsaw ghetto in 1942. He presumably died during World War Two.
*?Pinkert, Herman
Birth - Death : 1890?-?
Nationality : Polish
Pinkert studied painting between 1906 and 1907 and exhibited his works with the Jewish artists from the Polish ZTKSP group between 1926 and 1935. He notably painted portraits of Jewish people in Poland as well as still lifes and landscapes. Pinkert presumably died during World War Two.
*?Trefler, Janusz
Birth - Death : 1896-1944
Nationality : Polish
Trefler exhibited his works in 1922 in Warsaw at the Exhibition of Jewish Artists. He visited Palestine in 1934 and became the curator of the Museum of the Jewish congregation. This painter of portraits, landscapes and still lifes who also worked as a printmaker was presumably murdered by the Nazis during World War Two.
*Acker, Julia
Birth - Death : 1898-1942
Nationality : Polish
Expressionist painter. Julia Acker notably produced a painting titled “The Talmudists”. She committed suicide when the Nazis launched an attack on Jews in a Polish town during World War Two.
*Amos, Imre
Birth - Death : 1907-1945
Nationality : Hungarian
Amos studied painting in Budapest and came in 1937 to Paris where he worked under the influence of Marc Chagall. He died tragically in 1945.
*Ascher, Jerzy Georges
Birth - Death : 1884-1943/44
Nationality : Polish
Ascher was a cousin of Roman Kramsztyk, who was shot in the Warsaw Ghetto during the Second World War. He studied architecture in the Polish capital and pursued his studies in Germany. After settling in Paris in 1925, where he exhibited his works at the Galerie Zak and the Salon des Tuileries, Ascher devoted his time to painting and went to live in Southern France. Arrested with his wife by the Vichy police while his studio was ransacked, Ascher was held in the detention centre of Gurs. Both were then deported to Auschwitz and murdered. Only a few of Ascher's works survived.
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