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Around Jewish Art

Group :
118 entries
List of artists of Jewish extraction who painted Jewish scenes or whose works came to reflect their attachment to their roots.
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Labas, Alexander
Birth - Death : 1900-1983
Nationality : Russian
Labas studied at the Stroganov Institute of Applied Arts from 1912 until 1917 and during his student years at Vkhutemas in Moscow from 1921 to 1924, he made the acquaintance of Tyshler and Nikritin and began to pain abstract compositions with scientific and technological references. Labas then taught painting at Vkhutemas and moved away from abstraction, becoming a founding member of OST in 1925. Three years later he created stage designs for BelGoset. His paintings of the late 1920s tended to stress the power of engines and aircraft. He then extolled the urban technology of modern life with human figures becoming mere notations. In 1931, Labas took part in the anti-Imperialist Exhibition in Moscow and became a member of MOSSKh the following year. He had a brief career as a stage designer for the Yiddish Theatre in 1934-35 and in 1937 designed the decorative panel for the Soviet Pavilion at the Universal Exhibition in Paris. Labas had a solo exhibition in 1976 at the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and produced paintings depicting cityscapes and landscapes until the year of his death.
Labkowski, David
Birth - Death : 1906-?
Nationality : Lithuanian then Israeli
Born in Wilno, Labkowski studied painting at the Academy in Leningrad and managed to seek refuge in the Soviet Union during the Second World War. Back in Wilno in 1946 he painted scenes depicting ruins there and settled in 1958 in Israel, where he exhibited his works.
Lachman, Zvi
Birth - Death : 1950-
Nationality : Israeli
Lachovsky (Berkovitz), Arnold Borisovich
Birth - Death : 1880-1937
Nationality : Ukrainian
Born Aharon Berkovitz in Kiev he studied painting in Odessa and moved to Palestine in 1909. He then taught at the Bezalel Academy but after one year became disenchanted with the direction of the school and the state of art at the time in Palestine. Lachovsky returned to Saint Petersburg and was appointed as art professor in 1912. He painted street scenes and squares while some of his works dealt with Jewish daily life
Ladizhinsky, Yefim
Birth - Death : 20th -21st Century
Nationality : Israeli
Lafond, Philippe
Birth - Death : 1950-
Nationality : French
This amateur artist has been painting many shtetl scenes working from photos of the 1920s.
Birth - Death : Active from the second half of the 20th Century
Nationality : Israeli
Painter. She notably painted numerous biblical and Jewish scenes and illustrated several books.
Lakos, Alfred
Birth - Death : 1870-1961
Nationality : Hungarian
Lakos studied painting in Budapest, Munich and Paris. He worked as an illustrator and painted still lifes as well as many Jewish scenes in Hungary.
Lalou, Frank
Birth - Death : Active from the last third of the 20th Century
Nationality : French
Born in Morocco and much influenced by Jewish culture, Lalou produced works based on the Bible.
Lamm, Leonid Israelovich
Birth - Death : 1928-
Nationality : Russian
Lamm graduated in 1947 from the Moscow Architectural Institute and worked as an illustrator and book designer before setting up a link between the avant-garde of the 1920s and the underground of the 1970s. His work has contained political messages and some of his strongest Realist paintings depict his experience in prison and labour camps. Lamm contributed to the 1959 International Book Fair in Leipzig and during the mid 1960s became interested in Jewish mysticism. Influenced by Cabbalistic writing he later translated his mystical ideas into abstract painting. Lamm's application in 1973 for a visa to immigrate to Israel resulted in his arrest and imprisonment in Butyrka Prison. After his release in 1976 many of the small compositions he produced in jail were then duplicated on larger canvases. After solo shows at the Dostoyevsky Museum in Leningrad and at the Central Artists' House in Moscow in 1978 he settled in the United States in 1982.
Landau, Chasida
Birth - Death : 1926-
Nationality : Polish then Israeli
Landau immigrated with her family to Palestine in 1933. She later studied graphics at the Bezalel Academy of Jerusalem and at the Academy of painting in Tel Aviv before taking part in several exhibitions in Israel from 1965.
Landau, Zygmund
Birth - Death : 1898-1962
Nationality : Polish
Born into a family that counted many rabbis among its ancestors, Zygmund Landau studied drawing with Jakub Kacenbogen in Lodz and then frequented the Academy in Warsaw. He went in 1920 to Paris, where he studied at La Grande Chaumiere and the Academie Colarossi and befriended Kisling, Soutine, Kikoine and Kremegne. Zygmund Landau then exhibited his works in Warsaw and Lodz and illustrated some Jewish books. After the outbreak of the Second World War Landau sought refuge in Saint-Tropez and returned to Paris after 1945. Zygmund Landau settled in Israel during the 1950s.
Lande, Marilyn
Birth - Death : 20th-21st Century
Nationality : American
Photographer. She has been creating montage photographs reflecting Jewish life and history.
Landis, Joan
Birth - Death : 20th-21st Century
Nationality : American
Joan Landis created a series of illustrations for a Jewish calendar portraying the annual cycle of centuries-old Jewish rites.
Landyer, Yoela
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Israeli
Laor, L.
Birth - Death : Active from the last third of the 20th Century
Nationality : Israeli
Lapidus, Ellen
Birth - Death : 1938-
Nationality : American then Israeli
Painter. Born in New York Ellen Lapidus studied at the Brooklyn Museum Art School during the 1950s and at William Hayter's “Atelier 17” in Paris. She had a solo show in 1990 at the Museum of Art in Ein Harod. She used to sign her works “Lapidot” in Hebrew.
Lask, Serge
Birth - Death : 1937-
Nationality : French
Painter. Lask has shown much concern about the fate of the Jewish people. His works have been notably centring on the Holocaust.
Lasker-Schuler, Paul
Birth - Death : Active during the first half of the 20th Century
Nationality : German
Painter. This artist produced a portrait of his mother Else Lasker-Schuler 1869-1945
Laskow, Chaim
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Lithuanian
This artist worked as a lithographer.
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