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Around Jewish Art

Group :
111 entries
List of artists of Jewish extraction who painted Jewish scenes or whose works came to reflect their attachment to their roots.
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Abensour, Joanne
Birth - Death : 1946-
Nationality : American
Abensour studied at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem and worked as a painter and graphic artist. She specialised in Ketubot marriage contracts
Abensur, Pierre
Birth - Death : 20th-21st Century
Nationality : French
Photographer. Abensur notably produced photographs on the life of the Iranian communities, which he exhibited in September 2002 at the Jewish Museum in Paris.
Aberdam, Alfred
Birth - Death : 1894-1963
Nationality : Polish
Aberdam belonged to a wealthy family in Lodz. He first was interested in the works of Flemish and Italian artists and then studied painting in Lwow and in Munich in 1913-1914. Aberdam served in the Austrian army but was wounded at the start of World War One and held prisoner by the Russians. After the Revolution in Russia, the Soviet government appointed him as a supervisor of artistic activities in Irkutsk, Siberia. Back in Poland, he worked in Cracow until 1922 and then studied in Berlin, where he met Menkes and Weingart before settling in Paris in 1923. Aberdam was forced to live in hiding during the German occupation of France from 1940 to 1944. After the war, a retrospective exhibition of his works was held in Paris and in Israel in 1949. Another major exhibition took place in the French capital in 1952 but Aberdam, much affected by the Holocaust, lived practically in seclusion until his death.
Abesgauz, Abeshaus Evgeny
Birth - Death : 1939-
Nationality : Russian
Abesgauz produced several Jewish-related paintings during his career.
Ables, Adi
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Israeli
Abourisk, Maia
Birth - Death : 1911-?
Nationality : Israeli
Painter. This artist first studied painting in Casablanca, Morocco, and later worked in Israel.
Birth - Death : Active during the second half of the 13th Century
Nationality : German
Abraham worked as a scribe and notably produced a ritual prayer book in Switzerland now exhibited in the Jewish Art Museum of Paris.
Abrahamowicz, F.
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Polish
Abrahams (Blum), Helen
Birth - Death : 1886-?
Nationality : American
Painter of landscapes, figures and interiors.
Abram, Ronny
Birth - Death : 1938-
Nationality : Dutch
Abram worked as a painter after studying in Enschede and in Paris.
Abrami, Rene
Birth - Death : 1946-
Nationality : French
Abrami has been working as an amateur painter in France.
Abramovitch or Abramovic, Pinchas
Birth - Death : 1909-1986
Nationality : Latvian then Israeli
Born in Latvia, Abramovitch immigrated to Palestine in 1929. Prior to his immigration, he studied art in Kovno. His work of the 1930s, displays quintessentially Expressionist elements -sombre colours and tortuous forms- in the spirit of the Jewish School of Paris. During and following World War II Abramovitch stayed in Iran, and his experience of that country is reflected in the hinted Persian elements he incorporated into his art. In the 1940s, Abramovitch painted geometrically structured cityscapes tending to the abstract. He joined a group of artists banding together under the name New Horizons and embracing abstraction, first in principle and soon also in practice. In Newe Zedek, the artist conveyed his nostalgia for the “Little Tel-Aviv”of the period prior to World War Two.
Abramson, Larry
Birth - Death : 1954-
Nationality : South Africa then Israeli
This artists based in Jerusalem has been producing paintings based on the letters of the word “Shalom”.
Absalon, Meir Eschl called Absalon
Birth - Death : 20th -21st Century
Nationality : Israeli?
Achunov, Rachel
Birth - Death : 1969-
Nationality : Israeli
She has been working as an illustrator in Israel.
Ackerman, Samuel Shmuel
Birth - Death : 1951-
Nationality : Russian then Israeli
Born in Mucacevo, in the outer Carpathian region, he immigrated in 1973 to Israel and later settled in Paris. He co-founded the Leviathan group composed mainly of Russian immigrant artists seeking a national style
Adler, Adolf
Birth - Death : 1917-
Nationality : Rumanian then Israeli
Adler became a painter at a young age. He was arrested in 1942 and sent to a labour camp in the Ukraine from which he escaped in 1944. He settled in Israel in 1963. He notably depicted a deported child in a train truck in one of his works.
Adler, Elaine
Birth - Death : Active from the last two decades of the 20th Century
Nationality : American
Elaine Adler has been producing Ketubot and other Judaica pieces in Boston.
Adler, Eliahu W. Erno
Birth - Death : 1912-?
Nationality : Rumanian then Israeli
E. Adler studied painting in Baia-Mare, in Budapest, in Italy and in Austria. Detained in 1942 by the Nazis in a concentration camp in occupied Russia he was then transferred to Auschwitz, Mathausen and Ebensee. After the war he came to Israel and exhibited his works several times there.
Adler, Ernest
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Israeli?
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