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Around Jewish Art

Group :
23 entries
Artists of Jewish Extraction Who Did Not Paint Judaic Scenes
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Jacobber or Jacob, Moise Ber
Birth - Death : 1786-1863
Nationality : German then French
Jacobber worked as a still-life painter.
Jacobs, Lou
Birth - Death : 1921-
Nationality : American
Jacobs, Seymour
Birth - Death : 1932-1999
Nationality : American
Jacobs worked as an art photographer. He settled in Paris in 1972 and exhibited his photos there several times.
Jacoby (Yankilevsky), Eli Ilya
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Russian
Jacoby immigrated to Palestine in 1910 and later became a graphic artist in the U.S. He was Vladimir Yankilevsky's uncle.
Jacovskis, Adomas
Birth - Death : 1948-
Nationality : Lithuanian
Born in Wilno Vilnius
Jahl, Wladyslaw
Birth - Death : 1886-?
Nationality : Polish
Jahl worked as a theatre decorator and produced paintings, landscapes, which he exhibited in Europe and in the U.S.
Jakesch, Alexander
Birth - Death : 1862-1934
Nationality : Czech
Painter of historical scenes, portraits, landscapes and genre scenes. Alexander Jakesch studied in Prague and in Munich and taught at the Academy in Prague around 1908. He also worked as a sculptor.
Jakesch, Heinrich
Birth - Death : 1867-1909
Nationality : Czech
Heinrich Jakesch studied under his brother Alexander and at the Academy in Munich. Backin Prague, he exhibited small paintings and pastel works, portraits and city views, from 1892. Heinrich Jackesh then produced etchings. Many of his works are on display at the Museum in Prague.
Jankai, Deutsch Tibor
Birth - Death : 1899-?
Nationality : Hungarian
Javor, Pal
Birth - Death : 1880-1923
Nationality : Hungarian
Javor studied at the Academy in Budapest and the Academie Julian in Paris. He then produced mural compositions, figures and portraits.
Jettel, Eugen
Birth - Death : 1845-1901
Nationality : Czech
Landscape painter.
Jilovsky, Jiri George
Birth - Death : 1884-1958
Nationality : Czech
Portrait painter and graphic artist.
Jo, Michail
Birth - Death : 20th Century
Nationality : Latvian
Jo was a stage decorator working before the Second World War.
Joel, Yale
Birth - Death : 1919-
Nationality : American
Josefowitz, Cathy
Birth - Death : 1953-
Nationality : French
Painter. Josefowitz offered a watercolor for an auction sale held in Paris on November 28th 2002, in favor of the Appel Unifie Juif de France organization.
Joseph, Lily Delissa
Birth - Death : 1863-1940
Nationality : British
Painter. Lily Joseph was the sister of S. Solomon.
Joseph, Salman
Birth - Death : Active during the 2nd half of the 20th Century
Nationality : Iraqi then American
Painter. Salman Joseph left Iraq to settle in Israel in 1950 and then went on to live in the U.S. He studied at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, the school of Beaux-Arts in Paris, the New York Studio School and Brooklyn Museum in New York.
Josephson, Ernst Abraham
Birth - Death : 1851-1906
Nationality : Swedish
Josephson, who was the scion of one of the first Jewish families to settle in Sweden, studied painting in 1867 in Stockholm before going to Holland and Italy. He then settled in Paris, where he discovered the works of Courbet, Manet, Pissarro and Degas and later worked as a genre painter after a visit to Spain where he was impressed by Velasquez's works. Josephson ranked among the best Impressionist portrait painters but failing to meet success in Sweden, he retired in Brittany where he depicted peasants in a style close to Pissarro's. Celebrated at last, as Sweden's greatest painter in 1888 Josephson did not reap the benefits of his new glory as he had already fallen prey to an incurable mental illness.
Journo, Victor
Birth - Death : 1917-1994
Nationality : French
Journo studied painting in Tunis before becoming the pupil of Fernand Leger in Paris in 1948. He worked as a Cubist painter and exhibited his works in Tunis, Rabat, Beirut and Paris.
Jozsa, Karoly
Birth - Death : 1872-1929
Nationality : Hungarian
Jozsa studied in Munich and at the Academie Julian in Paris before working as a printmaker, sketcher and painter.
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